Sunday, May 21, 2017

Should I Blog Again?

I want to blog again. Not thinking that people will mind what I have to say, but I just want to say it anyway. Does that sound stupid? 

Resulta ng larawan para sa clip art blogger

It’s been nearly three years since I’ve blogged consistently. But, I stopped last year. There are quite a few reasons for that, but they basically boil down to these three things:

• I started working a challenging full-time job. I’ve been mentally and emotionally exhausted most days when I come home from work. Believe it or not, blogging takes time and energy. And I honestly haven’t had much of either.

• There are aspects of my previous circumstances that I have a lot to say about, but don’t feel at liberty to share about in great detail. My approach to blogging has always been one of vulnerability, authenticity, and honesty, so not being able to freely write about what I want to write about made me more hesitant to write at all.

• I’ve failed at building routines during that phase of my life. You need discipline to blog consistently, and that’s something I’ve really struggled with over the past two years.

Blogging is such a tough thing to explain to people who don’t get it. Why in the world would you want to pour your most private thoughts and emotions onto pages that anyone in the world can read? It looks almost rude to them, like taking your pants off in the middle of the street. And you’re not even getting paid for it? And there are only three or four people watching, and two of them are snickering behind their hands?

I will write regardless, but it would be great if ya’ll would read, comment, like, and share. Let’s talk about things that matter, things that are interesting, things that keep us up at night. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see me write about, review, or respond to. Let this be a dialogue. I want to hear your voices, too.

But why do I like to blog again?
  • Blogging allows me to see how I’ve grown as an individual.
  • Blogging allows me to document memories.
  • Blogging allows me to connect with other people.
One of my goals with restarting my blog is to build relationships with people in other locations. I am active on social media so if you haven’t followed me yet, you can follow this blog and connect with me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook! Let’s be friends!!

Stay blessed!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

New Blog - Madiskarteng Mommy

Hey there!

I've created a new blog --- Madiskarteng Mommy.

Madiskarteng Mommy
Nevertheless, I will still keep this blog.

Happy 3rd Anniversary to "A Day in the Life of Em" blog.

Take care!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up: Week 21 of 2016

May/ 28 (Saturday) -- Duz and I went to CCF and attended Glorious Hope

Glorious Hope is a recovery program that helps people deal with their personal issues by gradually uncovering deeply buried childhood hurts that greatly affect how they view themselves, others, their circumstances, and consequently, how they behave.
It presents a systematic process that helps people identify and resolve issues that are manifestations of deep-seated hurts as a result of their family dynamics. Learning this process is a lifelong skill that eventually becomes a lifestyle that greatly benefits those who have gone through the program.

Last May 7th, I attended the orientation. 


I missed the following 2 Saturdays after that. It was Duz first time to join GH. Ako, makakahabol pa. Magme-make up class ako para dun sa mga topics na namiss ko. Duz will join the next batch. Sa sobrang dami ng participants this year, nag-open agad sila ng another batch that will start on July 2. Dati, once a year lang ang program na 'to. Pero marami pang gustong humabol, mag-oopen agad ng another batch to accommodate them. Maganda kasi talaga na maumpisahan at as much as possible, hindi mag-aabsent. If I'm not mistaken, it will run for 17 weeks.


If you want to join the program or you know someone who needs it, please click this link.

Butch Mossesgeld 0939-924-4596
Susan Rodriguez
Lyn de Leon

FB Page: Glorious Hope

After the program, Duz and I had a quick dinner at Robinsons Galleria Food Court before going home. 


It was an instant date. Haha.

May/ 29 (Sunday) -- I had to do the laundry.
 Nag-live stream lang ako sa CCF.